A selection from Flash Day

Thanks to all of those who came out for our Flash Day last Sunday. The day was solidly booked out, so thanks to those who got tattooed, and sorry to those we couldn't fit it. 

Just a selection from the artists on the day. 


Tattoo Flash Auckland

Kingsland Ink Tattoo - tattoo studio Auckland

We often have people come to us, because they say we have a nice non-pretentious vibe (thanks team) and that they want a quality tattoo - smart people! But we also have many people come to us to fix up home job tattoos, and believe us - we've seen it all. 

There is a reason that tattoo studios exist - a clean, sterile environment with artists who can transfer that skill of drawing into the art of tattooing. 

There are many things you should consider before getting a tattoo, but if you're new to the tattooing game and not quite sure what to look for - here are just a few. 

Come in and check us out and have a chat about your next or first tattoo.